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Site Rules


The Riders Pace site rules.

Here's how to make your stay here at The Riders Pace a pleasant one.

1. Respect both forum moderators and administrators. It is a thankless job that they do, and cleaning up other peoples messes is never fun.

2. Post to the forum that is most appropriate for the topic being presented. Each forum has a sticky that explains the purpose and rules. Look at the top of each forum.

3. No cross-posting. (This is posting the same topic in more than one forum) However, there are times when it's okay to do so. Proceed with thoughtfulness.

4. Observe all copyright laws.

5. Lurk before you leap

6. Think before you hit reply. Re-read it. Your posts live on forever in search engine servers. Remember that we're all in this together.

8. If you need help, contact a mod/admin or two or three. Currently, the only Admins are justjoe,Cabnfvr and Capnrip.

9. If for some reason your post got moved or you find yourself under banishment, go back and read the forum rules. You can always find your recent posts by going to your Control Panel if you don't know where something got moved.

10. This site will thrive when users participate in posting in threads, creating threads and interacting in the shoutbox. Our goal is to have everyone participate. With this said, if you choose to not participate then we will ask you to begin participating. If you choose to still not participate, an admin will give you notice that your account will be deleted. We will not ban you but you will lose your account and any postings that you might have had. Please consider participating.

11. If yours is the last post and you want to add more info, consider editing it instead of adding another reply.


These are the site-wide rules. Violation of these rules is grounds for the IMMEDIATE banning of your account.

1. Harassing, intimidating or threatening other members is a no go.

2. Attacking family members means a quick exit.

3. Threatening a public official means instaban.

4. Private Messages are Private. Post someone's PM and you're gone.

5. Posting private information about someone will get you banned. You may not publish or post other people's private and confidential information ie their phone number, where they live, and so on - without their consent.

6. No posting of pornographic or objectionable/inappropriate material except in NSFW forum. Even then, there are limits. Pics or it didn't happen. They make everything better. Except! When they piss people off because they're soft porn and NSFW. When we allow boobs, butts, crotches, & see-through clothes, we chase good people away who post their photos somewhere else. Our loss. But it's not just pornography we're trying to avoid here. If an image portrays someone purely as an object of sexual desire, then lets all judge that it's not for this site. Pics that enslave us in the grip of pure lust for something shiny, like a Ducati or Norton? POST MORE!

7. Don't screw with the site. No rickrolls, autoplay videos, malicious code, spammy hijacking, or anything that disrupts the site's functionality. Animated gifs are okay. If you inadvertently screw the pooch with a post that causes fail, contact a mod.

8. No multiple user ID's. Fake n00bs, aka Multiple User IDs, are, except in exceptional circumstances, merged with the originator. Or both IDs may be banned. Try and sign up as a fake n00b while you are banned, and your temporary time-out might become permanent. If you are trying to change your username, contact an Admin.

9. No Spam. Selling your own junk is cool but limited to the For Sale/Trade/Wanted forum. Selling multiple items of the same product is considered a sale by vendor, so Vendor forum. Soliciting inmates via Private Message is spam. If it's not related to motorcycling, it's spam. If we see it we nuke it and probably you.

10. We try to keep this site as work-safe as a bunch of grimy motorcyclists can. Accordingly, there is no profanity allowed in sig lines or your user title. Also, please refrain from using profanity in thread titles "above the line," i.e., outside of the NSFW forum.

12. No forum wars. If you have a beef with inmates in other forums, this isn't the place to air them out. This includes site owners, administrators, moderators or any other user from another site. Our goal is to be inclusive. Don't be the guy who gets dropped from the site because of something that happened someplace else.

13. No mod baiting. Whether it's in the forum or in PM's to the staff here, being an arse may earn you some vacation time or a permaban.

14. Posts or discussions regarding political, religious or financial topics, or anything else that would be expected to result in heated debate, are subject to immediate deletion without notification.

15. Mod decisions are final.

Time-outs, Vacations, and banishment

How banishment drops around here:
The software upgrade has a new feature allowing the moderators to issue infractions as warnings before banishment falls. Occasionally infractions will get bypassed and banishment will strike.

If you think someone should be under banishment:
Please consider whether a post really is in violation of the rules before hitting the report button. When we get it, the Admins will decide what action, if any, is needed. Giving us a heads-up on a post that has problems is always welcome.

If you're getting the hint that you might be under banishment:
In many forums, the inmates who have been here for a while will be helpful and give you hints--some subtle, some not--on how to avoid getting into trouble. Listen to them. Everyone here has a vested interest in keeping the site running smoothly. If someone suggests you should change your Flea Market post, pay attention. If someone suggests that what you've posted in NSFW is about to get you banned, think hard about editing your post.

If you've found yourself on the wrong side of banishment:
Rules infractions can result in anything from a day or few days off to cool off, to long or permanent bans. You will lose your subscriptions if you are banned. If for some remote reason you think the mods have made a mistake, you can contact justjoe via

If your best buddy is under banishment:
Don't start threads to "Free __________". Unless you want to join your buddy in Banned Camp.

Copyright Issues
We take this stuff seriously. Do not post copyrighted material without permission. Links to service manuals, illegal .mp3 downloads etc. will be deleted, and you will be banned. If you believe that your copyrighted material appears on this site, you should notify us by clicking the "Report this Post" button. Please be specific with your copyright claim.

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