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New bike - Kawasaki H2 SX SE

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    New bike - Kawasaki H2 SX SE

    So next Monday 30 May I will be picking up a new 2022 H2 SX SE. The K1300S is going but it has been a graet bike. Just fancied one last big bike before it gets too much for me - but you never know there might be one ven quicker left in me somewhere. Photod to folloe

    Super Congrats!!!


      Congratulations on the new scooter, Philip! And yes, please post pictures.


        Congrats. Looks like it will sit about the same as the S, and more power to boot!


          I will be posting pics, rest assured! If all goes to plan I pick up morning of the 30th and catch the overnight ferry to France before riding down to Andorra on the bext day and a half. I will be avoiding the toll motorways as far as possible. Watch this space!


            So here it is. Collect tomorrow. I have to say that in years past Honda's fit and finish were ahead of all the other Japanese msnufacturers but these days Kawasaki's is at least as good if not better than the rest.


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              Congrats! Great looking bike.

            OK. Picked it up Monday and rode it down to Portsmouth for the overnight ferry to Caen in Fance, About 165 miles almost all on motorway. Off the ferry yesterday morning and then around a 430 mile ride down to friends in South West France with at least half off motorwar, Today around 200 miles back to Andorra, again about half of motorway. Total 789.5 miles on the ODO.

            Conclusion - this is what the K1300S evolution should have produced.

            My K1300S was a very good sports tourer. The only aspect of the H2 that falls short is the need to oil a chain but I figure I can handle that. Oh and the rear view morrors aren´t quite as good, although still very good.

            Engine is what defines this bike. It is really good and even keeping to the suggested running in limits it still breezed past anything on an A road (or equivalent). Gearbox is nice and light and its easy to find neutral - useful at Toll stations. Cruise control with the distance thingy works really well on the motorway. The rear view radar also is a bonus on the motorway.

            Fuel consumption is extremely good, as even riding hard down Route Nationales from Bergerax to Moissac was a 50 mpg ride.

            You are aware of its weight if the road has sudden changes of direction, particularly if the road is steepish and downhill. Judging entry spped is critical.

            Front brake is very good. Rear brake is OK but its main use will be just to stabilise the bike, particularly on the entry to sharp downhill bends.

            Low speed fuelling is a little jerky but a remap will fix that.

            Riding position is very good and comfortable.

            All in all I'm extremely pleased. Pics to follow.


            • justjoe
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              That is all good to hear. It is funny that you say that this is what the evolution of the K13 should have been. I still question the rationale of BMW in getting rid of that line.

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              Isn't it ironic that Yamaha, Suzuki and Kawasaki make sport--touring bikes with factory luggage and BMW doesn't

            • Bobby
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              Although the k13s is gone, there is still the r1250rs which is a great sport tourer. Beautiful, comfortable, easy to drive, and almost enough horsepower....and factory luggage.

            That's a beautiful bike. I often wonder what could replace my K1300R. That's probably the closest I've seen.

            And I agree with Joe, what was BMW thinking? All they needed to do was add cruise control to the K1300 model.


              I totally agree with you guys that the k13s could have easily been evolved. Electronic cruise control and few other relatively minor tweaks and it could have easily competed with the Japanese bikes. I swear, all motorcyclists had to do was test ride a k13s and they would have been hooked, and corporate may have woken up. I blame corporate but even more the MOA for promoting almost exclusively the GS adventure bikes.