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Perils of Wisdom 11/8/19

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    Perils of Wisdom 11/8/19

    Perils of Wisdom 11/8/19

    Fall riding brings new hazards.

    If you ride in the Mideast/Midwest, the pavement can be littered with Hedge Apples and Walnuts.

    While possibly being a risk for a low side in a curve, these also represent a "falling object" hazard.

    The pavement is usually well marked by previous smashed fruit stains even if you don't recognize the trees.

    This may be the only warning after dark.

    I keep my head and visor down when transversing these sections to avoid impacts to the face/face shield/neck.

    At speed, this could snap your neck backwards (esp the hedge apples), resulting in loss of control and a crash.

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    I'm not sure why, but I read the title as "Penis of Wisdom". There may be something wrong with me.


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      So this thread is officially in jeopardy...

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      "may be" something wrong with you?

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      Wasn’t totally sure before, but you are probably right. We get a nice safety thread going, then you turn it into some sort of sperm donor subject. You should get checked out. 🤐

    Initial post was flagged a spam (not sp**m for the dyslexic). Did not follow my own rule of not doing more than 2 edits without getting out of the thread before an additional edit. Thanks to admin for fixing it.


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      Wasn’t me. Since there’s no proof of who did it though, I’ll take the credit and give myself a raise, if you know what I mean...

    Penis and wisdom DO NOT go together.
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      If I had only known.

    Out riding after dark yesterday on narrow country roads.

    One section was littered with mostly smashed hedge apples on the pavement and the intact "bombs" on the shoulders.

    Didn't get my head down until half way thru.


      We have something similar. They're called honkey nuts. Just when they're seeding up, cockies sit in the tree and drop then from great height littering the road with these lethal weapons. Worse than riding on ball bearings.

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        In The Free State of Idaho, besides deer, elk, bears, moose, coyotes, mountain lions, wolves (Thank you East Coast Liberals), we have Mormon Crickets and suicidal Whistle Pigs. The Mormon Cricket is a huge cricket that arrives in the Spring and frequents roads in large numbers leaving a slick film on the road. The Whistle Pig is a gopher that lives to dash in front of a motorist, turning himself into a small furry sppeed bump.


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          There may be something wrong with me.
          Well there’s a news worth comment...LOL!