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Mixology, What's Your Favorite Drink Recipe

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    Mixology, What's Your Favorite Drink Recipe

    I like a good Gin Martini at the end of the day.
    Few bars have the mixers so I have to make my own at home.
    My daughter was a "bar chef" and taught me a thing or two.

    Here's one of my favorites:

    The Tuxedo:
    2 oz Barr Hill Tom Cat Gin (or your favorite)
    3/4 oz of Dolin Dry Vermouth
    1/4 oz Luxardo Maraschino
    2 dashes orange bitters
    Absinthe rinse

    Mix ingredients (except Absinthe) in glass with ice cubes.
    Stir (don't shake Gin) for 15 seconds.
    Rinse the inside of the chilled glass with Absinthe and pour out the extra.
    Strain stirred ingredients into chilled martini glass.
    Garnish with orange twist.

    I see why these drinks can run $15 and up after splurging
    for the mixers.

    In a tall glass filled with ice, 1/3 Tito’s Vodka, then 1/3 water, then top with 1/3 pomegranate juice. Squeeze of lime if you’d like.
    Very, very refreshing summer drink. Much, much better than a vodka/cranberry.
    i haven’t named it yet.
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      Sounds refreshing.

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      My wife’s favorite is Tito’s Vodka, slightly watered down, not too sweet, hand squeezed lemonade, with thin slices of cucumber added to the lemonade when made. Let the cucumbers marinate a bit in the lemonade before mixing with the vodka.

      Now this is really refreshing!

    Very top shelf Tequila. Tequila is all I drink these days. It turns one into an instigator


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    Reminds me Paul that I have some Patron in the fridge....
    Here's a shooter for St Patrick's Day:

    Baby Guinness (Mini Guinny as my daughter calls it)
    Patron XO Cafe
    Baileys Irish Cream

    Fill a 1-1/2 oz shot glass to 3/4s with Patron
    Take a spoon, turning it over at an angle pour Baileys slowly
    down the spoon to create a layer.

    Can be made with any Coffee Liqueur instead.

    Click image for larger version

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      I like single malts and premium bourbons but a favorite summer drink is to cut up a pineapple in to chunks, pour a healthy amount of Malibu rum over it, and freeze it. Then use it in a Malibu/Pineapple drinks. Sometimes at my parties, the pineapple ends up being eaten before it makes it's way in to many drinks.


        Good Bourbon mixed with some ice or a nice sipping tequila straight from the freezer or lesser tequila in a margarita
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          Moscow Mule -

          Candied ginger (two or three pieces depending on size, I get these from Fresh Market)
          Fresh mint, about three leaves muddled
          Lime juice, half a large lime freshly squeezed
          Tito's Vodka (however much you desire, can be virgin, I use more than my wife)
          Gosling's Ginger Beer (I prefer this brand)
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            Originally posted by Flyboy View Post
            Very top shelf Tequila. Tequila is all I drink these days. It turns one into an instigator
            You are quite the instigator Paul.
            Tequila makes me loco. Two or three times I’ve gotten drunk on it in my very early 20’s and I did some very stupid things! Totally uncontrollable!
            My sister just bought me some Patron for my birthday! Uh oh, trouble ahead, I can see it coming!