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    You are still not invited!

    Good morning all,

    It should come as no surprise that Covid19 has put a real whammy on getting lodging for the Non-Invitational. When I thought I had plenty of time it turns out that the virus made that untrue. Hotels/motels closed making it nearly impossible to secure lodging. I wanted to have something in place by the end of March, but we all know how that worked! Needless to say, getting lodging was not going to be any easier this year.

    I did make contact with the Creekside Lodge late last week. Today is their first day being back in the office and open for business in quite some time. I talked with Carol a bit and secured our dates and rates. We are basically getting the same rates as last year. I will post a sticky thread in a short while.

    And once again, for the kids on the short bus, if you need an invitation you ain't welcome!