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Nick Ienatsch up against the yellow line

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    Nick Ienatsch up against the yellow line

    I'm a big fan of Nick's articles on "The Pace" and "The Pace 2.0" which are directed at how to keep some safe margin in your street riding. This article is a pretty interesting discussion of what to do when you find yourself in a left corner (for those of us that ride on the right side of the road) with you and your bike hanging over the center line and needing a course correction.

    When in doubt, gas it out! While it won’t always solve the problem, it’ll end the suspense...


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      That's some wisdom right there!

    I like Nick too. One can definitely benefit from his years of experience.

    Over the years and miles I've decided every corner has it's own unique set of circumstances (no two are exactly the same like Snowflakes) and requires me to do any number of things to get through swiftly and smoothly.

    1. Adjust Speed faster or slower using the Throttle (accelerate or engine braking) or Front Brake or only Rear Brake.
    2. Change my lean angle.
    3. Change my line.
    4. The three noted above can be executed anywhere along the corner and even multiple times.
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