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    Originally posted by Bmorganjr View Post
    I’ve been talking with a few folks in lake city and the problem last year was not the snow, but the debris caused by all the late avalanche’s, some seem to think last yr cleared a lot of debris ?????
    That makes sense Bill. When we rode through there in 2015 it was more difficult than it was this fall. I started wondering if I had just inflated the difficulty in my memory or maybe we were just more experienced now. We romped around up in the San Juans without really. breaking a sweat. I think what might have happened is when they cleared the snow and avalanche debris this past summer, they cleared away a lot of the scree that made it more difficult before.

    When we rode the TAT, we split it into two rides. We rode from NC to Moab in late June and that year the passes were clear by then. We left the bikes out there and camp back in September to finish the TAT so we rode through most of the deep sand in Utah and Nevada after the peak heat of the summer. Even then we roasted a bit and carried a lot of water. We kept patting ourselves on the back for hitting the pause button for the summer. One of my friends kept talking about this vision he had of laying in the desert getting his eyeballs pecked out by buzzards. We all agreed that skipping any eyeball pecking was a good thing.

    In my experience out there, there's no way of really knowing what the conditions will be until later in June. You guys might be fine. Last year was a very unusual year for snow and avalanche debris.