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K12RS throttle bodies

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    K12RS throttle bodies

    Am working on my '00 and am looking to buy a set of TB's to modify.... leaving the stock set alone.

    A cpl questions for the brain trust here.

    Was there any difference between years on these? Or are they all the same.

    2nd.... are the same generation LT throttle bodies the same. Looking at dozens of evilbay pics,they look the same.

    I chit canned the ABS pump,moved radiator jug,and battery into the revised space..... and am tigging up an underseat exhaust. Got a bid in for a brandy new, pr of Termignoni 996 mufflers. The last underseat,I fabricated the whole exhaust from scratch..... which works fine but,figured I'd try something different.

    So,the TB question stands...... gonna throw them up on the Bridgeport and open'm up a cpl mm's. TIA. BW

    In 2002 BMW placed a cap over the TB sync screws. They can be removed with a little force.I bent a copper tube to fit the top of the screws and adjusted using an old carb vacuum tube setup.

    The caps ...
    Click image for larger version

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      Nice pic!

      Yup,gotta keep'm in sync. We talked about this years ago but..... ditching the crank case oil regurgitation plumbing,TRANSFORMS the throttle response.


        See if this works


          Found some,cheap enough TB's on evilbay. Be here in a few. Also,ordered tooling for 3 angle valve seat cutting.

          A friend who is part owner of a large fab shop is giving carte blanch on SS tubing and sheet..... so just waiting on the Termignoni to find out the specs on the down tubes. Going to roll,tig the seam, and plannish the header transition. We can swage,or spin form it as well..... but wanted to try seam welding/plannishing it this time because of oval tubing construction down the rd?

          Already have an adjustable welding fixture for aligning the primaries......


            Some leftover tubing that was laying around. Don't mind the mess.... am constantly cleaning up in the race shed because of all the projects running through here.


              You’ve got quite the project going on Brian. I was out in Bedford a few weeks ago.


                Well now you have a place to stop next time Capn. Join the madness on the M12RS.

                TB's came in,still waiting on the pipes/cans. Should be today or Monday.

                Was thinking Jethro Bodene this morning. 600ccTB aught 600ccTB equals out to 1200cc.

                Now to find the cheapest,bestest 600cc units on evilbay. Should be like a million of these. Some older,stupid cheap. Siamese cut them on a bandsaw. And then glue/weld/bolt/bracket ? Them together. I'll look into it.

                Boring out the M series TB's looks to be fun. Will make a fixture first. Pics forthcoming.