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    Isn't it funny

    Folks get so dang stuck in their "engineering" that it creates it's own problems. A case in point;

    Ducati exhaust under a tail section.

    We are so conditioned to think that the exhaust "hangs" from the rear subframe that we don't entertain other strategies. The way the rear subframe mounts on a K bike makes it awfully dang easy to;

    Remove the seat(which isn't a K seat),pull to bolts or pins, from the lower "legs" of subframe..... then the whole frame pivots UP,and away from,not only the exhaust* but it clears the whole under space to do other maintenance. And if you subscribe to this notion,it isn't but two more bolts that the whole dang thing pops off. Turn signal and brake light stays with exhaust.... has nothing to do with subframe. Battery and associated BS also dosen't rely on subframe..... well,nothing more than say plastic clip on,here or there.

    *Yes,the exhaust technically "hangs" from the subframe. But that's when the frame is in the "down" position,effectively against,it's mooring.

    The exhaust has been a fun,delightful escape from other things.

    Already started another BTW. And there's at least 3 or 4 more in the que.

    Deciding today,where to make the sliding fit,spring retained joints. Not a major design problem. I'm not doing a "mid pipe" on this first iteration. The "mid" is welded to the header,and has a hanger welded to the mid,which bolts to the frame. Only spring joints are for the end cans.

    The next version is gonna have a classic,mid pipe. And some "trick" flanged connection between it and the header.

    This 1st one is also the test monkey for O2 sensor location. Will start another thread on this topic,along with the wide band sensor AND dash mounted meter.

    I'll post a pic or two today about the subframe hinging. Along with the new battery box,and whatnots.


    • 802Mike
      802Mike commented
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      I didn't see Brian, tig or mig ?
      Or are you spotting it up and the taking it somewhere else to be finished.
      Cool project !

    Have both and you would mig to tack pieces then go to Tig bench. I just Tig it all.

    Deciding to take the mid pipe finish to one level,while leaving header and endcan tubes,as welded. More of a,wonder what this looks like? It's alright, it does show off the 1 into 2 curves better. Than say a faceted look.


      Finished the expander.... it's the business. The pump body screws on the top of the box where English wheel accessories get hidden away. So +1 on the handle,dbls as the base if you're out in the driveway under the daily driver


        Will show it's guts if anyone needs them. Pretty simple. On each end of pull cylinder,chit can the hooks. Make a 2" OD,with internal 1 1/2" x13 threads. This gets screwed on the end. This cap has to thick shoulders welded on that receives the hex ends of expander. A 1/4" SC bolt holds it on. Swapping would see you pulling this bolt.

        The square piece at the end of this assembly is a "yoke" that holds the whole shebang together,and is what acts on the expander.


          Here's the cap setup,after threads and welding.... being drilled. Not super critical on the dimensions but this shot shows how a simple machinist parallel is being used as an alignment gage. Also,you use the center drill as a "drag" across the workpiece moving the Y axis.

          Just sayin,sometimes things are right in front of you?


            Will clamp the thing halfway up the back member of the E wheel where it's may stay? I like the old pipe,chain vise. It's 19th century in your face. So this is an appropriate duty for it. Drill/Tap holes in the frame when done.






                  Looking good! Can't wait to see the completed project.


                    Got the second leg in this a.m. Looks Twilight Zone cool.

                    Got a bunch of 18g and 16 g stainless sheet from my bud. Want to form stainless holders for cans and do dbl as the cross pieces on,what's left of the previously sectioned out 1" on width subframe rails. I need a seat support so will start there. Will Tig the stainless to the CM,bwahaha.

                    I really want a remote to click.... and the whole subframe come up like a trunk lid on an Aston Martin. Underneath will be all Termignoni. Getting pretty durn lazy.


                    • Capnrip
                      Capnrip commented
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                      That's looking really good. I want to learn to Tig. Thinking of building an aluminum boat.

                    Got one more piece on exhaust,and it's an easy one,not wanting to close on a tough piece.

                    Everything is coming together. The formed SS sheet that holds the endcans is also the license plate,and rr turn signal assembly.





                        Cleaned out the top of one of the tool chests yesterday and found a leak down tester I built years ago. Will come in quite handy once into the valve job business.

                        Need to clean some more grunge off the under,tank and air box and then start buttoning it up a bit. I want to hear the exhaust.

                        Feeling pretty rough yesterday,so didn't get much done. Today should be better. Got a new Sata 4000 1.3 base gun, just looking for something to shoot,haha.


                          Enjoying seeing your progress and hearing about how you're doing it. When spring rolls around I might take a trip out your way if that's OK. You're a little over 3 hours from me I think. Lynchburg is 3, town of Bedford is about 3 1/2.