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    BMW black

    Any color theorists in the house?

    With at least 150 different blacks,what is BMW's ,old motorcycle black all about?

    Was it one N done back in the day. This is Ford's cheapa$$ Ford Focus black. Youngest was living in the village in old town Norfolk. His drivers side fr fender had some magnetic particles in the paint or sum such because,I got to practice my painting twice.... same spot.

    Anyhow,this Ford black to me is just plain don't give a chit black. Which,along the other parts here have really been easy. 4 coats of clear. Hit it here and there with wet 2500,and then two grades of compound... a little faster than this typing,and it's getting hung.

    I also got practice with wifeypoo's last midnight metallic black.... that car was a magnet as well. Even had sparkles to blend in.So the Phoenix yellow metallic here,has a NOTICEABLE smaller metallic grain size and is easier to shoot.

    Any historical insight to old BMW black would be valued info.

    Had small spots of solvent entrapment. But catch the timing right,and 3M 2500 paper becomes the magic wand. It's,you want to hit it as hard as you can get away with.

    Further,this is one more reason to flow coat. We leveled the initial 2 coats of clear with 1000. Too easy,as is this.

    2,or 3 angle polishers set up. Here,we're doing small panels..... small,Milwaukee angle 3/8 drill motor. It's the 1200rpm model making it the "Strat" of,having the right chit. 5" wool bonnet from a polishing biz in the Bronx or sum chit(family owned biz). Made in USA,bang on so easy to use. The big DeFault here is their,"right chit" as well.... albeit in the magnum version. Adjustable speed,that is in it's own class. Trigger lock this thing,grab it in the belly,letting it balance perfectly....

    It'll cut through 4 layers of clear,pretty durn quick on a bike cause of a BUNCH of edges. But will make side panels look like they just fell off a UFO..... they are like looking into glass,3" thick.
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