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Best Time Of The Day To Ride

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    Best Time Of The Day To Ride

    Lots of factors to consider: rush hour associated road rage; time of day; day of the week; holiday traffic, time of year: etc. Maybe most important is time of day related to rider alcohol consumption.

    The Most Dangerous Time to Ride a Motorcycle:

    Nighttime Motorcycle Accidents in California

    Wonder if this considers fatalities versus miles ridden?
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    I always liked Sunday mornings.


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      Many many years ago I heard this one; early one Sunday morning a rider was asked why he wasn't in church. His reply, "Ma'am, I'd rather be on my bike thinking about God than to be in church thinking about being on my bike."

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      Can't argue with that logic....

    My preferred time on weekdays is between 9am and 3pm. At 9am remaining traffic is still heading towards the city while Iā€™m heading away fro The city. Getting back by 3ish avoids the swelling evening rush hour traffic. Weekend rides I pretty much follow the same timing.