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Tail Chaser 250 -Saturday April 25th 2020

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    Tail Chaser 250 -Saturday April 25th 2020

    A 250k dual sport/adventure ride starting and ending in Brevard, NC on April 25th 2020 sponsored by EuroSport Asheville. We partook last year two-up on our R1200GS. It's about 50/50 dirt to pavement and varies from gravel roads to a few really challenging sections. We enjoyed the event and people so much we're doing it again this year.

    Pinnacle Mountain. Looks easy but this is much steeper than it looks. The rocks are tennis ball size mixed with loose dirt. Quite a few dedicated dirt bikes had trouble on this one. It's a long hill and if you spin it's very hard to keep your momentum.
    Click image for larger version  Name:	Gz6US4CaZ8HH1bOdQAd_NNCUJ4vzWLb9EGDOiLjKXFRxYU97wPXcnvh5ChYqm2tGVz3z0eT0gLCeXAVkHUqMw7zsCsFYEq--VAeZwIS5xhlmVtWPBCla18nQrQbWDGpkKk0dQVMB3-SIm9p_GoZB0nxgqxi5BpwUd8q0G7xoD293IV44H7xM_U9STXy65aB7Z_IXKYluyXw9oGYrCHGAcLJ0cZCd734Z13iqD-UQj3ve63CZQL18QBSEAkQ-9Pd Views:	1 Size:	267.1 KB ID:	18086

    Attendance was around 120 bikes of all kinds with an equal mix of dual sport and adventure.
    Click image for larger version  Name:	JDZnbyH5aeEbfpe61HZNiJfe197CRI2H6xH6IlYo0K5vC3WJMFRnnERepnKJ1kOtKyhMegTozl4Gic2FsEfTSPVKP9_p3bDfw5A6CZ10vtCi3BIu7nYMpgU4U-_1AOoHZJf8wqNhRr3JVccHZ3hL6AKHGBpnWqS1RXkvzIQnjivPpm4fkQGCcc2WhnEf7xlyU86GgdyaS0ciakqoXV724cPOBID7MmAKnzO58Fp9PHEeMyGRmdozp-ascqOYaQf Views:	1 Size:	183.1 KB ID:	18087

    And don't worry about the 50% paved. Our pavement around here is mostly like this.
    Click image for larger version  Name:	d1cR_nHPh19RPWhpUzk4TfRDS1xczoCfq27mM5WnUMwaCzJpZ2OBjYJuNtMEvBxPup-HQ33VnUxMGRwwPh1xuGPiX6FKZWev-DQjoDeK2NtxmVbS8K98ZkAejqM6CqmCv2JQ1rhC3A19b3oofkiTo_RhvxgXZWNwrmPFzOChaNzZoT1mrTVUc_gVP5LZQ7rtlqHUAHEIWkXYFtW1uV2kzj8MIdDlZtJODrMiDi5EfBD6ZkygGX_b0hZnM2z96mL Views:	1 Size:	191.3 KB ID:	18088

    So if your not doing anything better on April 24th and 25th check it out. Free camping, admission goes to a good cause, and it's fun!
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