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    Blue Ridge Parkway, Cherohala and Tail of the Dragon with friends

    John (Jargon) invited me to join him for the Non-Invitational at Maggie Valley. What a treat. It had been on my bucket list forever. John gave me the opportunity. I will be thankful forever. I would like to add a special thanks to JustJoe who brought back the community together so that we can share great moments like this.

    Now the ride
    I left Quebec City on Sunday Sept. 1, a day early, to avoid Monday’s rain and traffic for Labor day. What a good decision I made, which allowed me 24h of rest before hitting the road. I left as early as I could, 9h30 and rode the 868 km (520 miles) to John’s home, which took me a good 10 hours wit the stops. Traffic got a little heavier as I got closer to his house and I got almost hit by a distracted driver. I try to avoid being in a blind spot but I was forced into it when circulation slowed down. I think she got the message loud and clear. My horn and my brakes put her back in lane and my ability to use sign language was, I am sure, well understood.
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    I was welcome at john’s home like a king. Great food and laughs before hitting the road on Tuesday Morning. We left a little late on Tuesday Morning, planning to his Buchanan in Virginia. We agreed to stay away from the BRP in Waynesville and head as fast as possible to the hotel in Buchanan. We made it just a little before dark, which was a good plan. The 407 miles on highway 81 was fine. A few stops for gas and food and we were there.
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    Wednesday morning, we planned to ride the BRP to Maggie Valley. Well, maybe we were a little too eager. We got on the road soon enough but had to make an important detour into Roanoke and grab the BRP as soon as we could. A long 40 miles detour back on the BRP. The road was perfect, Even the road to ride back up from Roanoke was a treat by itself. As we were going along, stopping as often as needed it became obvious we would not make it to Asheville before dark. I can’t remember where but we got to Highway 40 to Asheville and then Maggie Valley. We thought we would be the first ones there, getting there one day early but there was a lot of people already in. The Creekside was more than welcoming to us. They gave us a ground level room as one had just been cancelled. John was so tired, he was happy of the outcome. We ended up having a beer while chatting with a lot of members I had only read on the forum. EricM offered me one of his American beer, to which I agreed not to post a picture of him drinking it.
    More to come
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    I don't know much about photography and how to post pictures here, but I find the site not too user friendly for it. Maybe I don't understand the "how to" on the site.



      Jacque has an easy smile, but can he ride?

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      The man from Quebec City... taming the Dragon's Tail!!

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      Behind him during all our rides, even when he was chatting with another photographer.

      A good man and a great rider. Thanks for the ride Jacque!

      I never did learn how to talk French.
      Cut with a curse sharp as a knife. Doomed is your soul, damned is your life!


        Okay , Jacques, I’m waiting for the “more”. Don’t leave us hanging.
        I’d rather think someone’s a son of a bitch than to have him think I’m a son of a bitch.


          I wrote the rest on the Ride Report tab Rob. It took me forever to figure out posting photos.