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SGR 2019 (edited for photo posting)

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    SGR 2019 (edited for photo posting)

    The 12th consecutive SGR was kind of a survivors’ reunion. The first couple of SGR rallies drew around 30 riders, but over the years the group has gotten smaller… this year there were four of us… and we all agreed that four was just fine. The perps… Daryl Horniak, from Vancouver Island, BC with his new KTM 1290 Adventure; Victory Bell, from Estacada, Oregon with his beautiful “new” silver K1300S; Peter Woodhouse, from Vancouver, BC with his R1200RS, which he replaced 2 weeks later with a new, black R1250RS… all I-BMW refugees…

    I had initially ridden from my home in Show Low, AZ to Southern California in late August for a visit with family and loved ones. Then on the Sunday before Labor Day, I headed out from SoCal at 6 AM with 950 miles ahead to Weaverville. I was in no hurry, so I allotted 2+ days to get there on my “new” 2015 K1300S.

    The early morning ride was a commute through the LA area, but traffic was light… the rest of the day‘s ride ran along the coast, into the Central Valley, and back to the coast… Santa Cruz was my destination for the night, 500 unremarkable miles.

    Day 2’s destination was Fort Bragg, which was under 300 miles. My route took me along the coast, through Half Moon Bay, over the Golden Gate Bridge, then back on the coast all the way to Fort Bragg, an old logging town. Unfortunately, the coast remained mostly overcast, somewhat foggy, and bogged down with tourists, so I just kept moving with few photo stops.

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    Great write up Charlie. All the photos can't be viewed for some reason, video not a problem..
    you for got to mention Theresa and Murray showing up..


      Originally posted by Victory View Post
      Great write up Charlie. All the photos can't be viewed for some reason, video not a problem..
      you forgot to mention Theresa and Murray showing up..
      I'll be doing a continuing chapter if I can get the photo issue resolved...


        After checking into the Beach House Motel in Fort Bragg, my next stop was the Tap Room for dinner… local fish & chips made with Red Snapper…

        Tuesday morning, after breakfast at Egghead’s, I departed Fort Bragg for Weaverville to meet the gang…

        Hwy 1 follows the coast for about twenty-five more spectacular miles north before the road turns inland and winds over a small coastal mountain range. This morning there was dense fog along the coast, with visibility less than 100 feet. I plodded along in the fog until the road left the coast and gained elevation. This photo of Rockport is from my ride in October 2017 with Victory… without fog…

        The final, northernmost portion of Hwy 1 is about 20 miles of continuous turns through beautiful, dense forest, climbing to 3000’+ before descending into Legget, where it terminates at US 101. The final leg into Weaverville took me up 101 along the Redwood Highway and Avenue of the Giants, through Eureka, and then east on Hwy 299 into Weaverville, a very enjoyable ride… the rest of our survivors had already arrived as a group, having spent the previous night in Gold Beach, Oregon.

        Wednesday morning, we rode north on CA Hwy 3, along the western shore of Trinity Lake, which was quite full compared to the last visit 2 years ago.

        Victory took many videos, and this is one from our ride on Hwy 3 between Weaverville and Callahan... Daryl is leading, then myself, Victory videoing, and Peter following Vic...

        TO BE CONTINUED...
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          We made a 9 AM ice cream stop at the Callahan Emporium...

          Victory and Daryl...

          After our stop in Callahan, we discovered the truly world-class motorcycle road from Callahan to Cecilville, easily equal to or better than any road I’ve ever ridden. It was 30 miles each way of continuous, connected turns, perfect pavement, no LEOs, no traffic (we saw 2 vehicles during the entire 60-mile round trip), clear blue sky with 70+ degree temps… the only time the bikes were momentarily vertical was when we were transitioning from one direction to the other, and we were hauling ass… it simply could not have been any better... we all agreed that it was worth returning to Weaverville simply to ride this road!!

          Victory, Daryl, Peter...

          TO BE CONTINUED...


            Sorry, folks, but posting this ride report has been a disaster. Many hours of writing, downloading photos, editing, etc. have been invested, with continuing problems and no solutions. After digging deeply, I finally discovered that there can be a maximum of 5 files per post, but it's too late to salvage this ride report at this point...


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              It was still a good narrative though, Charlie!

            looks like a great time by all I'll try to make next years rally been having health isues but doing good now great write up like your bike to Tom


              Beautiful roads is Victory's email. Hope to see you in Texas next April!


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                Hope to see dates and locations. I'll do my best to make it. Been thinking about it for some time.

              Nice ride report Charlie. We just came back home from visiting our Daughter in Santa Cruz CA (stayed at the Mission Inn & Suites Motel on Rt. 1 - nice and quiet). Bonnie Doon road thru the forest and over to Felton would be awesome on 2 wheels.
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                Maybe it is time to call it the Shasta-Trinity Rally in Weaverville? The motel there (49'er) has plenty of rooms and there are others. Food is good, riding is good. Location is isolated but pretty much the center of the west coast. Possible these new parameters will boost attendance? The crowd of usual suspects is certainly getting older.


                  My home town area. Traveled those roads many times, just a great area to unwind, relax and enjoy. Don’t there anymore but never forgotten. Thank you for the video and report.
                  “Someday this wars gonna end.” Col. Kilgore, Apocalypse Now.


                    Charlie, indeed it is quite difficult to post pictures here if you don't have a web hosting site. I was able to go without one, by using Google Drive for free. No matter how, it's time consuming. I can explain if you want.


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                      Thanks, Jacques... I seem to be having better luck lately...

                    Haven't been on here for a couple months or more but finally thought I'd look around. Kinda been avoiding motorcycle talk due to severe case of envy. My RR has been pretty much put in mothballs for the foreseeable future due to the unseen situation of wife's terminal level four brain cancer. Really changes everything in your life, doesn't it? She had the surgery in Aug which was somewhat successful but with details that don't promote optimism. Have to generate that myself....just finished 45 days of chemo and radiation. Didn't end too well because of a huge drop in blood count requiring ER and transfusion. Awaiting further instructions. Wish you all safe riding. Keeping the bike just in case I can ride again before I can't ride again........


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                      Your family is in our prayers.

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                      Hoping good luck comes your way.

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                      Ditto to what everyone else has said Andy.

                    Very sorry to hear. Good thoughts your way


                      Howkan, so sorry to hear that. Hang in there buddy. Will pray for you and your wife.
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