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    Tail Chaser 250

    Let's do it, she said. It will be fun, she said. And this is her saying this now. But you know what? It was fun! Challenging, maybe a bit on the crazy side, but fun!! Would we do it again? Yesterday we said no. Today we're saying maybe. So what was "it"? The Tail Chaser 250 is a 250 km ride primarily through Henderson and Transylvania counties on paved and unpaved roads. The entry fee goes to supporting the local Boys and Girls club so it was money well spent. Saturday morning started with breakfast at Oscar Blues Reeb Ranch. Breakfast was very good.
    Click image for larger version  Name:	2Pg2FypfvFbtcYgdfPMmmZiDuemQglYdQaxIydKsOm0uBz3h7psaKhwjmknOOdMmbweo9BNzuTRndF2akpPRPUxXtHFDuSLqw5rgj8VAGjjC4RGiixP9uekLseIkBzuiHEDxw89CZQO2sFOY0wZKrofX4V9bL6YJ4DcxEOAmKbdXGdxS9Ij04MptaZ-IcrrNsnqvgRJJw6MivNKUpjYCoUu3-RBi5taPNY-8ibKJN-AP_t7E3de3F8LyW0q1rB0 Views:	1 Size:	77.4 KB ID:	4771

    They even had one of those new fangled automatic floor cleaners going around the place. Every scrap expertly cleaned up on the spot.
    Click image for larger version  Name:	L8-5aT8705WrJG7x9gCY8PiLhLymqpUl3K1BUCL-IE-aB47n1t275LvLRiWA2EUpQjzDBiuCp96oK6oOn2n-QfjVYKi8ELEq91mcjaaBrWFEet5Yk3u6J1NyRD_c1UK_CU4L6nYERZWe2qinvr5VcEzYA_8WxGBNTgaYUZEO-3eb93W5ilB-NEg13w1jEfVaahCdFGHF1u2V0xT90lAHABsJ3pR4gGihWB4geboGQVWIkdwB7S_WoCY3G-fHR8G Views:	1 Size:	89.0 KB ID:	4772

    One of our favorite roads was Neddy Mountain heading toward's Charlies Creek..
    Click image for larger version  Name:	yPObwkbIlIqwNXy_7QQZp42JzphAWzAu8hpZ6LP9Q3RrrWcCn6dUQ-FDZYWkuXVLv8vSgfXlEgwTXWhjK8AVlzaRmj0KBp9S064i4MfeGFttKnRWjmwlKcuqnWo0DQPpVXY8CwhzHimPMOSkxL7OAtciU4tCK3WJffLOx8mTLSNN-l1jB73J3zJPt9FlNBn8cOi6nVTJ5G_ihJKHxr6v3grIsGrhsV_DORxiIok6ap8W9tjH-jMBSBZNpvnfzyW Views:	1 Size:	190.6 KB ID:	4770

    Another great road was Pinnacle Mountain. It starts out with nice twisty pavement like the photo below.
    Click image for larger version  Name:	1hpZY-p-VJrvdNqSpr55e-PDRO3NDJPjsLgurOUGM21v15RBk83ifT9aOxLsFiykkPM26wbwlcEIW0jW7H4Ikf-jXfKOFrHh3TnqS0uZ7oHk7psQBWfnLQq1ra7aYYeTvq22no_CSwe9bhJ-u8NGTEws8gqmQ2llt-WBKycmYqnd9YsurTISBrUYv1Ts_JhDTyGJ0TVpk70FEuyQoUTTWXFbWn3gXDPzZHUEsJCRA8jiOCFJwRZsSW5zm8hImAA Views:	1 Size:	200.4 KB ID:	4773

    And then transforms into a nice gravel road. You have no idea you are being lulled into a fresh hell.
    Click image for larger version  Name:	CZe-tjFdCGU3BwL9EiJfkOIOCwE8CCxu-zEnGQFpi7zoxn9YY0CQ4VsMN4gOVz-tEnzJd_8euoyQweQTUL2xwzEETqXcPvqw1QnysGCfKlkoid22jyT8lrK7gXXnxwyYso0IFD5YUGNJzAkxYDNOhMrMtfNAsiXWi7-klwiPtzKQH5Q6M4_flFUU6f-fYZxjhW7gMY6GGb_OQMSVhE_MUXkBQeTqk_7dICnHzYwBcAjXrovzG0Vw9tjTWZhE7HN Views:	1 Size:	219.0 KB ID:	4774

    Now for the fresh hell. You have been lured into the point of no return. Cameras and Video never do a hills steepness any justice. The same goes for ruts in the road. When we arrived at this hill, somewhere near the lead pack of riders, there was one rider at the bottom contemplating his line, one halfway up the visible portion of the hill trying to turn around after spinning out, and one rider off to the right further up just contemplating the day. We went around the stopped rider, off to the right of the rider heading back down, and lost momentum. I figured i'd have to try to turn around a 538 pound bike on the side of a steep and loose rock hill. Our GS, by the way, has Anakee IIIs on it. Given that option I tried one other thing first. Susan dismounted and I just attempted an uphill start. The tire spun maybe a half revolution and HOOKED UP. Now all i had to do was keep everything pointed uphill for another 150 feet. Oh yeah, and cross a rut that was almost a half tire deep and cross angled to the slope. Yippiee! Looks easy in the pic. It stopped dedicated dual-sport bikes!!
    Click image for larger version  Name:	HG0ntixoXGNPUYwjVrWWQvOmuelhfHGWTByqYAqMfDNoRI7ZwUkHIqWdg44frsLmWMu96E6GM607MJUrLRJoas24N1oQrxoyss6Ym6pux36GjjZ9eMwBGTv5zNv__-A5n9Z-oHUSXDbcggd782UCG1tHtM3Xkg4k6SGI1IeC6W1tavVMWt3r5gEp6Pl7o_v6hF0LMi7bPOrGX2733VUdRS1Hx4KrgtUAXVTCMZgbl2Kq6tKnzlU4OsRZU-06itA Views:	1 Size:	265.9 KB ID:	4775

    (and now to stop and go to Part II less I lose everything like I did a few minutes ago.)
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    The rocks on that hill were about the size of a tennis ball. Someone called them railroad rocks. Everyone had trouble on them. Here's a closeup.
    Click image for larger version  Name:	jYg5xXZ9UmQh_D2MhZK8ng_U9__p_ypbwydJTxzjW0nZYM7ORb3eUxlEwrvsorTSzFBFq7iqBOcXfaeI9JF4YTWjUhmZKKTmF3WGxioWYilGCQaQWrjFiUcALHqGlE8NssOX9L5Ve-iKh8Ql6AQlKAdMRF1TJMNAx_aHRDvcpA3S_OVEPdhwnifWbBVPpcVp3QOKRdzvLSbQx0YI8duhVpt_30Yj0wDLpUiXBPb6BHYvZ_xk3ZwiLvyN4FpgC5X Views:	1 Size:	274.8 KB ID:	4777

    So amazingly the GS made it up this hill. We've done Engineer and Ophir in Colorado. Both were easier than this hill!! After this we figured it would get better. It did, sort of, but mainly it just got different. Like the event flyers said, this was an Adventure ride. Study the pic below for a moment. Again, looks easy. But look at the bottom of the hill and you get a better idea of how quickly the elevation changes. All you have to do is hit the gullies without washing out the front end, or bottoming out the bike, or hitting a rock and getting thrown sideways. Don't come down is what Bill Morgan would have probably said, but we sure a heck couldn't go back. Onward!
    Click image for larger version  Name:	dNnB5aMhEdWMjYdcjkDOsvL46E-4TDnhpggCw8FpD5dgHPOgXHdz7x1Dei4KpjCwd5YeZ31XgUhz5unvQ-XXkEhXwnujv6_7D0FJNIFS1zu5JxeKW07jvuH-9M4QAbGn1scf7QagyteaRQ3hid8ib_iGuk65B6yWRGjAVITGK5AkzxzsiEfJfhjxxinhTgB0GXd9JAxjxkpEpyeG-4S-23ZBP4ig8FdOIZ4BvtI5ENzoFk_6qnII78fOyyxWlAk Views:	1 Size:	255.4 KB ID:	4778

    After this rather physically and mentally demanding section, which was also rather rewarding, the roads became almost what we expected. Gravel forest roads. Remember the Anakee IIIs? They think gravel is something to roll over. Literally. including rolling sideways, always a challenge to convince the bike to go where you wanted it to go. Don't fight it, but don't let it get too far out of line either. Challenging to say the least. The views were spectacular though.
    Click image for larger version  Name:	-B_VKXf4--G9C-VrVTuE9UCIvU0h7pTAKvI9X47SCg8BRU-aHgIJN7srQfojvVuEOOI-qOH8_9oXwjcC_fyq4CtWVyelme-VivYByIscjaZuiyMMM1Q6FEl423-FlfEpzHroESvckL4rR28-gbVesyXa9fkIt8RhzemXP_wfkLlFHNpMRP0ajkq2m9_HmyazA-mhIpavlTCjuDvMd_BaS6skAubuEOT6cQBi1fPtBVVuSAmzRaLxlMQBHJMup0Z Views:	1 Size:	268.2 KB ID:	4779

    On top of the marble like surface there were the occasional cars. Most were nice. This one was clueless. We were already committed to a loose rocky climb when he decided the Camry was out of it's league and need to return home. Thanks a lot for making us stop. Ironically the GS once again caught traction and climbed up the grade.
    Click image for larger version  Name:	PLCHDAhR_yRTL7KJSvbK0nxHFKKogoutRa3NULpfNVudu2h_H4-8ArvayqiB-zTtrcnbw0tzfyBW9IBNRQaddTbOlHHPTHXrrJunzqbr4e32v2n6cmHk7TxuU5JVrZZLCC4OU1Km_eDef8sw0JifezQOyMyQON6GLKN65BHpL_0ATQ80w3vYAU2ou16STtbSEuXgKmzk2bdApldsvV4E_9rron3ppBrQkncju8usB_vpF3P1Tdxluh-Nh5fZOjf Views:	1 Size:	198.4 KB ID:	4780

    After 5 hours and 140 miles I stopped at the top of US 276 and called it. We'd done more than any 538 pound bike should do, and we'd done it 2-up and with street tires. I was getting tired and that's when mistakes happen. At the end of the last Forest Road we rode we stopped for a short break. My girls did fine and both deserved a big hug.
    Click image for larger version  Name:	ghZjuFxrv5cR7-E6vGmJvdj4M1e4N3M_mEPgmnE2G7P6uVbA2Cp_uD2V3-Mv4g8ZPFsfF9oaEabg5sQ4Bg9Zh4sRULfXyU4niBKub-fXwvAjK3x2A0j6v5LX5uFaTW08-9eMhkhVMKmL7jKvAh_WIJRfevWCUg8_idzHsEN7klfgKGaiwsxEFhUa505-Xxgmh_xwQHAna2MTV0TIxDNB38dlg8aHswB1nnkXeYRmC8fI7xytRzMuDpprX5NCi0B Views:	1 Size:	255.6 KB ID:	4781

    Lets's do it, she said. It will be fun, she said. You know what, she was right! Another great weekend, and finally, great riding. We're already wondering what that thing could do with decent tires next year!!
    Click image for larger version  Name:	bgQkBhDZDQn8hUtoqAEjWe8K2NKZCvm6t1YyXAH6cTPta_5P-myUKMwsARI_jBe7g9KvzsWfMeCpN_IGWvCnxt8mnQdap1Ar0vGQYZt_cnNDF0_R8sVhN0bptgI8FB1KYqtDI19-i9PlDL2EvHe34CWQWR5u_2YrUEhHVkLW4bNEYzeRooO0odwDPcDrtRTRmwdX8A-KwNLRcP13VacxVgwCsGlkyOZJJ7mBYCeXE5fKghZ1Mi5YiGSyCk-Gvuv Views:	1 Size:	225.8 KB ID:	4782
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      Looking at the first 2 paved road pictures I'm thinking, this looks fun.
      Than I saw the other pictures
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        Tim yu got balls. !!!
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          Ha! Whatโ€™s that saying? When the going gets tuff...

          Good job!๐Ÿ‘


            And 2 up... dang! Looks like fun Tim & for a good cause too. Great ride tale & pics!


              That's awesome! I was through the easy parts of that area on Saturday. Next time I should follow you!!
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                It was fun in a slightly abusive way and we never once, either of us, considered turning around. On some of the rougher spots I kept thinking that Bill Morgan would go through them with one hand on the throttle while texting with the other.
                ain't skeered


                  Here's a link to the hill but the GoPro makes it look far less steep than it actually was. The difficult section starts at the 11 minute mark.


                    Originally posted by Susan View Post
                    It was fun in a slightly abusive way :
                    Remind you of your honeymoon

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