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Sena 20S EVO replaced under warranty

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    Sena 20S EVO replaced under warranty

    I bought a Sena 20S EVO in May this year and used it in Canada and another trip to Wisconsin. It worked great until the 2nd day of the Wisconsin Trip.

    I had hooked it to the 12V Charger cord during the Saturday morning section of the Day Ride and then we stopped in Cassville WI for Gas before boarding the Cassville Ferry to Iowa. While gassing up I didn't disconnect from the Charger Cord. This put some stress on the Sena USB Port as I moved about the Gas Pump and had some strange consequences:

    1. I could hear my Friends but they could no longer hear me.
    2. My voice commands were ignored.
    3. I suspect the Microphone went bad.

    So I disconnected the Charger Cord and turned it off. Later I tried it again and all was back to normal...hmmm. So I put the Charger back on and promptly lost the Microphone again so that no one heard me and voice commands were ignored.

    When I got home I tried connecting my 20S EVO to my PC to run the Sena Bluetooth Device Manager software but it wouldn't connect.

    I then contacted Sena Warranty and explained the above to them. To make a long story short they sent me a new one. Very happy with Sena product support.
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    As a guy that just purchased a Dual 30k setup, this makes me very happy to hear that they stood by their product.
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    If loud pipes save lives, imagine what learning to ride that thing could do.


      Yes, they are good folks. I keep losing that lil rubber tab that covers the USB port and had to send the 10C back to them for replacing it. Apparently it has to be disassembled to install. They send me a new unit in a full retail packaging.
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        Originally posted by R111S View Post
        I then contacted Sena Warranty and explained the above to them. To make a long story short they sent me a new one. Very happy with Sena product support.
        Please elaborate. I am at well over a week now with a support ticket full of repeated troubleshooting requests all followed by a request to reply and indicate understanding, and have finally received an RMA# to return a dead SMH-10 at my expense. It seems at some point following their receipt of my return they may ship a replacement. Not happy at all so far.


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          Hi Mike, yes it does take some time, and it seems they're dragging their feet with a bunch of emails, but be patient and hopefully it all works out.

        Does anyone who has updated to wireless intercom have a leftover Autocom headset no longer used?
        The outer rubber cover on one of my headsets rotated slightly, and when I tried to plug in, I broke off 2 pins and bent 3. The headset plug is now useless.
        If you have an old one available, I will be happy to pay shipping [and offer my undying gratitude].


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          MattB, this might be your chance to win gratitude from someone!!