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Rear Drive Temporary Leak....

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    Rear Drive Temporary Leak....

    Found a puddle of oil under the rear drive area, maybe a tablespoon or two's worth.

    Cleaned up.

    No further leaking so far.

    Occured while bike was on side stand for a few days.

    Usually on the center stand.

    Any ideas???

    '02 K12RS with 65k miles.

    Was it hot where the bike was parked that day? If so, it could be overfull and just expanded out the vent or by the seal due to internal pressure if no vent exist. BMW has changed the final drive vents and drains so many times I can't remember which has what. If it wasn't hot then, Houston, we have a problem.


      Will try running it on the center stand, 1st gear, until it warms up and then re-check for leaking oil.

      It was a hot day last time it was out and it was run hard (well harder than usual).

      Thanks for the info.


        Stationary run in 1st gear and warm engine showed no leak!

        And there was no lube accumulation in the rubber boot from the previous leak.

        Will have to do a high (for me) speed pavement run next.

        Web search shows this leak is usually do to the OEM bearing wear.

        The DIY bearing replacement, using an aftermarket bearing, works better than with an OEM according to one thread.
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          If you have the tools the bearing change is supposedly pretty simple, and yes, the aftermarket bearings have done very well. Be sure to check for any play in the bearing by trying to shake the wheel and feel for any movement. There should be zero. If any is felt change the bearing even if its not leaking.


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            Got it and thanks again.

            Checked and absolutely no play in the back wheel.
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          Two part video on changing the K12RS bearing if needed:

          2002 BMW K1200RS Final Drive Ball Bearing Replacement Part 1 - YouTube

          2002 BMW K1200RS Final Drive Ball Bearing Replacement Part 2 - YouTube


            Took the bike out yesterday and a very small amount of oil was present at the boot. Hopefully just left over from the previous "spill".

            Will do another test ride this weekend.
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              Longer ride showed oil leaking again. Not as much as the intital burst but enough to indicate a definite problem.

              This is a 19 year old bike with 66k miles.

              It may be time to put it out to pasture at least for the time being.

              Don't have time to do the repair myself now and not sure the bike is worth the cost of having the dealership do it.


                Local service manager sez they typically don't repair the final drives as it is difficult and expensive (several thousand dollars).

                He suggested getting a used final drive.

                He did question whether it could be something other than a bad bearing.

                Anyone have some ideas about what else it could be?