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Fuel Stabilizers... REDRUM

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    Fuel Stabilizers... REDRUM

    Checkout this Canadian dude’s YouTube site. He is a motorcycle scientist with a sense of humor Justjoe would understand. His latest scientific study deals with Murder! He is a GS guy who rides pretty good.

    Cut with a curse sharp as a knife. Doomed is your soul, damned is your life!

    I don't use E10 in anything that sits for long periods.
    2016 R1200RS


    • cabnfvr
      cabnfvr commented
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      We didn't have anything but Ethanol 10 in PA. Over the winter I used Sta-Bil. It worked great in the bike, car, lawn mower and weed whacker.

    • Lee
      Lee commented
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      We're lucky in Iowa, 87 and 91 non-ethanol is very common.

    • ZATO
      ZATO commented
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      Back in our teenage years we used Moon Racing Gas in 5 gallon cans for our Honda 160’s. It had a great smell, then again the pump gas would destroy everything it touched. Currently for trips I use Lucas Octane Booster and Ethanol additives. Worked well in the Harley machines. Does anyone use any VP Fuel products?