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Electric turkey roaster

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    Electric turkey roaster

    As a hot tank for cleaning parts.....

    The problem is,they cost money,which may not seem to be that big of deal except,I'd rather spend $$ on tooling. But,we do use an electric griddle,almost daily on paint projects to welding pre,and post heating. So am gonna try using it as the heat source and go rummage around looking for mom's ancient,enameled turkey roaster. Think it's in the attic?
    my eyeballs are practically bleeding from reading reams of stories and reviews on "safe"..... enough,cleaning chemicals for aluminum. I need to clean a K12 head so it can get the valve job. Typical caustic hot tanks,which BTW are a dying breed amongst engine rebuilding shops.... never were recommended for aluminum.

    So,right now it looks like....

    Berryman carburetor chem dip @25$ a G.

    Totally Awesome..... Dollar store,admittedly hillbilly. Around 10$ a G.

    Purple Power and Castrol Super clean running sorta neck N neck for the bronze medal?

    Anyone who has any ideas,toss'm in. Gotta be cheap though.... and relatively safe. There's a contingent of gasoline users,and while yes,I could use it safely would prefer not. We use kerosene right much,along with diesel for old equipment cleaning but gas? Not gonna do it.

    Will keep y'all posted.

    Have a dandy,and handy.....

    Electric power washer. And a "normal" parts cleaner.

    Not opposed to fabbing up a more sophisticated,enclosed pressure cleaner. Which I don't mind spending some monies on,although there's SO much resources around here with practically unlimited fabrication equipment that making a small booth ain't out of the realm of possibilities..... pales in comparison to compressed air systems,and dust collection systems we've developed.

    Sure would be nice to open a door,place item in,close it up and hit a button. That's how the $5k and up "pros" do it. Jay Leno has a $10k model...... f**k Jay and his fancy wash cabinet,haha.


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        Well,I was gonna go get some Chem dipchit... before painting bodywork today. But changed plans.

        Welded up an engine stand for the K motor. Which,yes I could've bought a chinesium Harbor freight model. The deal is,the engine isn't gonna live on this stand. So made it as more of a universal stand. The pic below shows the way it'll work. Will shoot some black on it next week.

        So I'm welding this thing up with the intention of putting a planishing hammer on it..... because its "universal" . The planishing hammer I'm getting in a cpl weeks doesn't come with a stand,well it's an extra 100$.

        So all's good,this thing is right dang beefy. Am sitting there admiring the work talkin chit with a bud and it comes to me..... this stand will make an awesome outfeed stand for the shaper it's sitting in front of. So that's the second pic.

        Oh yeah,got all the bodywork painted. Clear coat tomorrow.




            Interesting color. Camera isn't,or can't,deal with it under flourecent lights.

            I had read about this when researching the color. It looks completely different,depending on the light values. Daylight looks one way,evening light its different..... and artificial is different yet?


              I used to have some "M" roundels kicking around here. I'll look.....
              The size of the motorcycle ones are smaller that the hood ones on the Bimmer.


                That's cool Mike. I've been eyeing some chinesium evilbay Mpower, stick on stuff.

                Wifeypoo snagged a cpl qt's of this stuff I read about called Totally Awesome at the dollar store. With a name like that,it must be good?
                It has a decent sized following on utube hillbilly engine degreaser "expurts".

                Worked on the engine,multi purpose stand this a.m. then shot clear coat for a cpl hours. Was talking to a professional auto painter bud and he said to swipe a crock pot from the wife.... they put cans of clear in them,with water. Set on low for a cpl hours before painting in cold weather.


                  Put a shelf on the stand. I can now put a pce of plywood on it when using the planishing hammer.




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                      OK you malcontents...... you heard it here first,haha.

                      LT motor came in,and in classic K motor fashion,the top "gallery" is a,what dumbass EPA engineer thought recirculated crankcase breather,rubber tubes are gonna contain anyfuckinthing?

                      Translates to,a greasy a$$ mess.

                      The purpose of the LT motor was to get black valve,and crank covers because this is the "M" version.And to snag a head for further work.
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                        So here's the secret;

                        I have Amsoil spray... it's in the pic below.

                        And Polly snagged some Totally Awesome,one spray,and one refill. These are 1$ a piece from the Dollar store.

                        Chemically they act,smell the same. Amsoil has the benny of the aerosol so is maybe a touch more better.

                        But load the TA(Totally Awesome)into a touch up spraygun and crank the compressor up and it's like the heavens open up and and the orchestra fires up. This setup peels grease off faster than you can wipe the chit off with a paper towel.

                        And you DO want to have a rag or paper towels in hand,lest you cover everything in the garage with 80 psi flying grease




                            Ho Lee Chit.... this is fast. I've come up with some cool,weird stuff over the years but this might very well beat them all.