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    This is actually fun.....

    Like swattin flies with a 6# sledgehammer!


      M.I.L. gave me her old patio umbrella stand. We took the table down in the woods where we shoot bows. Umbrella long since gone. We were cleaning out a bunch of her stuff.

      Soon as I saw it,knew what it was;

      The square piece in pic below has a big honkin BB swivel on it. Been my painting carousel for... ever. Drove a piece of black pipe down into the new/old base. Booyah!


        When clearing the black paint the other day;

        Very foolishly ran out of clear in the gun and before my dumba$$ had figured it out,it effectively screwed the clear in long spot on the rear section.

        It's called a "flow coat".... shoot 2 coats of clear on initially. Then it needs to cure up a week and get good N hard. So since it was a nice day,threw a wheel/tire up on the new turn table and went to town wet sanding or scuffing to slam another 2 coats of clear on. The effed up places cleaned right up.

        I took the Totally Awesome out of the spray wash gun and loaded it with 50/50 isopropyl alcohol/water. Shoots all the shop buggers off the paint before wet sanding. Beautiful weather.


          Back to roasting parts;

          Seeing as windshields for my motorcycle are either..... not available,obscenely expensive,or buttass ugly.

          Gonna make one,or 12. Will make a sheet metal version on the E wheel,and planishing hammer. Smoothing it once formed to be super slick with DA air sanders.

          Then,on the under,or hollow side.... Tig in some braces. Once it's been sanded to perfection. It is now ready to be put in an oven @275* (IIRC) with a "rough outline" cut piece of acrylic. Then after the prescribed amt of time*,out it comes. Trim,polish edges and done. Going to measure one tonight and check acrylic prices.

          Should be in the 20-30$ range.

          Then,just hang up the mould, and start on the next mould. Sayin in a few hours I should* be able to form the mould pattern out of metal.

          * obviously open to making corrections on not only timing details but other learned experiences.


            Weird? Maybe..... I'd say more,downright spooky.

            Cleaning up the other day,found a piece of,what looks like Lexan? in the trash. It was from a cover on something. Anyway,its gonna be a test monkey for "roasting".

            Gonna bang out a miniature windshield from some 22g metal. Then start playing with it. Lots of dope on YouTube about doing race car windows from acrylic. Key takeaways are,you have to pre bake at a lower temp than used for forming. It drives out any moisture. Failure here,results in haze and bubbles in the piece.
            Looks like 25$ to the door on 3/16" thick acrylic sheet big enough for a windshield. Will fab up an "oven" out of something laying around..... HUGE benny's on M/C screen vs back window for a racecar for oven size.

            The sheet metal form,for the "draping" method..... stole all this chit from WWII airplane canopy construction....

            Don't go in the oven. Acrylic goes in,get it to temp... pull it out and "drape" it over the metal form or buck. They use some kind of cloth or thin wool to keep from scratching. So, one aspect using metal buck vs a fiberglass form is,I get to put a small single burner electric element under the metal buck. Can't be doin that with other buck materials.

            Next roasting item;

            Y'all know what a Kydex holster(handguns) is,well I just got in 2 sheets of .063" from evilbay. What the plan was/is..... this is going to be cut,and roasted to form some custom bits for the M series K12. And the sides of the new battery box. Painted or left dark gray/black. But it's a roasted item. Tons of data on heat forming this chit for sheaths and holsters.

            Pics forthcoming.